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Thank You!

My world is still upside down, but it’s getting better as time keeps moving. The loss of my husband, Joe, by suicide, has been the most difficult experience of my life. Unless you too have suffered a loss like this, you can only imagine how devasting and life-altering it is. I am finding JOY in the everyday moments; mostly in the simplicity of the natural flow of life and living. I’m doing lots of writing, sharing some on the blog, and keeping some only for myself. My camera is always close by and that helps too, having a creative outlet. I take time every day for self-care and healing; it has become my top priority. Those things are often overlooked, but not here- not anymore. I’m still doing my best to turn my pain into purpose. I have been lifted up and supported in the best ways possible. Grief, in the real world, does not end as it does in the movies. It’s something that’s carried with you forever. You learn to live with it and it is simply a part of who you are in the aftermath of loss. Thank you, still, for showing up and for sharing your love with me. Thank you for your patience, understanding, and compassion as I try to navigate my new life and business. I  am forever grateful.

xo, Marie

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