The Beckley's Oct 2013

Beckley’s Handmade Soy Candles

Beckley’s Best Blends creates handmade soy scented candles which are available in over 50 scents!

Some of our best selling scents include vanilla bean, cinnamon, and non-scented soy candles. We are best known for our dedication to developing new scents each year.

Our soy candles are featured at craft shows throughout the Midwest. While working at shows, the most common question asked is “What Scents Are New This Year”? We have featured scents named with fun and playful names such as monkey farts, butt naked, reindeer poop and hot fudge brownie.

Beckley’s Best Blends soy candles are available in large and small jars. Large jars are 17 oz mason jars. All candles are natural soy candles. The candles are colorless and available in scented and non scented varieties.

When you buy a Beckley’s Best Blends all natural soy candle, you not only receive a wonderful, long burning, safe, fragrant candle, but you will also receive our personal guarantee that our candles will burn with scent, to the end and to the bottom of the jar. Our top priorities are customer care and quality! We make each of our candles, one at a time. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy!